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sample_Image5(1).png  Architecture: Symbols of a Changing Democracy
From the ball atop the cupola and double dome to the basement rotunda, the California State Capitol’s traditional neo-classical architecture is adorned with fascinating examples of artistry, statuary, and symbolism that are uniquely Californian.
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Bird's Eye Icon  Collections: California's Art Collection
Since the humble beginning of California’s statehood its legislatures have assembled and commissioned an astonishing collection of priceless historic paintings, artifacts, artwork, and antique furnishings, most of which relate to California and the Capitol.
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Icon Growing Pains  Capitol History: A Legacy of California's GrowthThe history section details more than a century and a half of the trials and tribulations of California’s early statehood, a growing democracy searching for a foothold and the on-going battle for space to accommodate the state’s growing need for leadership.
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undefined(5)  Capitol Park: A Living Testament to CaliforniaThe green and lush grounds of California’s historic crown jewel boast nearly 40 acres of exquisite gardens, inspirational memorials, historic trees, and hundreds specimens of species of trees, shrubs, flowers, and cacti.
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undefined  Historic Rooms: The Historic West WingRestoration and preservation have allowed for the accurate recreation of various architectural and Legislative eras representing the evolution of California’s history and philosophies through the legacy of its leadership.
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Icon Learn Architectural  Glossary of Terms: A Capital VocabularyUnderstanding the terminology used for architecture, art, history, and legislation can be the fundamental key to understanding their unique relationship and significance to California, the Capitol Building, and citizen’s today and in the decades to come.
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