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Legislative Districts
For the purpose of choosing members of the Legislature, the State shall be divided into 40 Senatorial and 80 Assembly districts to be called Senatorial and Assembly Districts. Each Senatorial district shall choose one Senator and each Assembly district shall choose one member of the Assembly. California State Constitution


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Find Your Legislator
Find the California Assembly and Senate member who represents you.
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Assembly and Senate80 members comprise the State Assembly and 40 members comprise the State Senate. Each member represents a different legislative district in California.
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California Governors
Governors preside over California's Executive Branch; learn about their contributions to the state.
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Historic Bill 

 Historic California Legislation
Learn about California's important and influential legislative history.
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Senate Chamber 

Citizen's Guide
The health of any democracy depends upon the participation of its people.
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California First Ladies
More than just the governors' wives, California's first ladies have made important contributions to the state and its people.
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