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Visiting California’s seat of government is a memorable experience enhanced by a guided tour of the historic State Capitol. After the re-opening of the restored California State Capitol in 1982, California State Parks began offering tours of both the historic State Capitol building and Capitol Park.

The Capitol Museum’s tour office is located on the lower level of the Capitol building in room B-27. The museum offers free tours to individuals and groups of nine or fewer. Reservations are required for larger groups. Guided tours go out daily on the hour. Visitors are also welcome to take their own, self-guided tours.

Building tours include interpretive information on the historic offices, legislative chambers, and artwork in addition to the Capitol’s unique history and architecture. Capitol Park tours are available upon request for the 40-acre park, which includes a World Peace Rose Garden, plantings from around the world, and significant memorials and monuments.

On the first floor, visitors can view several inspiring revolving exhibits and restored historic rooms. A theater on the lower level presents several interpretive films.

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Can't make it to Sacramento?

The California State Capitol Museum’s virtual tours provide you with a unique opportunity to visit California's Capitol from any location in the world. Here you can take virtual tours of Capitol Park, the historic rooms of the west wing, and the Capitol art collection, as well as thematic tours: The architecture tour examines how symbolism found in the Capitol represents how democracy has changed over the decades, and the Capitol History tour explores how the expansion of the Capitol building itself mirrors the growth of the entire state.

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A Living Testament to California

In 1863, California Governor Leland Stanford envisioned a Victorian garden “with a beauty and luxuriousness that no other capitol can boast” surrounding the California State Capitol. Well over a century and a half later, California’s Capitol Park has a luxuriousness and beauty that few capitols can compete with. Trees, shrubs, and other plants have been gathered from around the world and planted in Capitol Park, which has grown over the years to encompass twelve city blocks or forty acres. Walkways crisscross the park, enabling visitors more opportunities to view its bounty.

Special points of interest, memorials, and monuments are tastefully incorporated into Capitol Park to remind us of our history and natural beauty. Visitors can sit under trees that were thought to be extinct, enjoy a pond surrounded by draping foliage while viewing living and static memorials, or relax during lunch under the shade of trees which are the largest of their kind in the state.

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Volunteer Assignments

Participate in Special Events
Volunteers can participate special “Living History” events throughout the year. These events are an opportunity for volunteers to play out a vital part of history while wearing period appropriate costumes. Volunteers can greet, educate, or entertain visitors. Some volunteers may choose to help with the event set-up, assist with food for participants, or even contribute to the clean-up afterwards.For information on becoming a State Capitol Museum Volunteer please contact Rachel Martinez at (916) 324-0319 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Historic Museum Room Tour Backup
Working in conjunction with a Guide (Docent or Staff) the Backup follows the public tours through the Capitol Museum Rooms. The Backup also turns off and on alarms, monitors tour groups, ensures the safety and security for the visitors, historic rooms, and the irreplaceable artifacts. Backups may have the opportunity to wear period dress while doing this assignment.

Historic Museum Room Interpreting Docent
Stationed in front of each of the historic museum rooms, these docents greet the visitors; interpret the room’s contents, and explain its historical significance in relation to the Capitol and California’s government circa 1900-1910. This is an opportunity to wear period clothing and requires some additional mentoring.

Active Status

You must volunteer at least 84 hours a year to be considered an active volunteer.


  • 36 hours of free training on the California State Capitol’s history and architecture and California government.
  • State Parks Volunteer badge upon graduation of the course.
  • A Parks pass providing free admittance to State Parks in the Capital District after 84 hours of volunteer work. To maintain the District Pass, volunteers are required to work 84 hours a year.
  • A pass providing free admittance to ALL State Parks after 200 hours of volunteer work per year.
  • Periodically you will be awarded volunteer hour pins and honored at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.
  • Additional benefits for State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association (CSCMVA) Members.

If you choose to become a member of the California State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association (CSCMVA), membership is for the first year and as an active member volunteering 72 hours per year (six hours a month).

Volunteer association benefits include:

  • Discounts on your parking costs or free light rail or bus tickets for transportation to volunteer work.
  • A discount at the State Capitol Bookstore and free admittance to the annual appreciation dinner.
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • Social activities and field trips.

It is not necessary to join the CSCMVA to volunteer at the State Capitol Museum.
Volunteer applications can be found by clicking here.

The center of California’s government is located in downtown Sacramento, close to several freeways and within walking distance of many hotels and restaurants. The streets in downtown Sacramento are numerical from west to east and alphabetical north to south. Street parking and parking garages are located throughout Sacramento. The Capitol reserves parking directly in front of the Capitol on 10th Street between L and N streets for bus use.

The physical address for the State Capitol is 1315 10th Street, Sacramento, California 95814.

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